Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Smartphone Cases

Smartphone cases are trending these days, you find them in different colors, designs, and features. The hardware and software accessories make up a smartphone as designed by the manufacturer. These accessories are not essential to the operation of the smartphone such as: anti-lost and selfies wireless companions, cases, mass storage, chargers, external batteries, photo accessories, selfie stick etc. Smartphone cases are built to hold and protect a smartphone from possible external damage; this makes it one of the most popular accessories for many smartphones. Most smartphone cases are designed considering its screen dimension which is usually measured in inches.

Benefits of using smartphone cases

There are valuable reasons why you should consider using a smartphone case for your phone asides its durability.

Protection and durability

Trending smartphones are commonly thin and lightweight. Take into perspective the Apple’s IPhone 6 released in September 2014, this smartphone is preferred for its sleek bodily frame measuring 5.44 x 2.64 x 0.27 inches and weighs about 129grams launching it to the number spot for a “Must-Have” gadget.The flipside to this is the durability of its screen. The IPhone’s Ion-strengthened glass is quite durable but it may not be able to withstand a hard hit to the floor if it slips off your fingers. The IPhone 6 screen is quite expensive like its equals. An IPhone 6s screen costs about N11, 020.00 ($29) to replace when it’s under AppleCare+ warranty and costs as high as N49, 020.00 ($129) to replace when it’s Out-of-Warranty.I’m certain you wouldn’t want your smartphone’s screen brokenwhen you’re least prepared for replacement especially if you are using an Apple product.

The much needed extra weight to protect from theft

A smartphone case adds the much needed bulk to a lightweight smartphone. For smartphone users that are habitually self-conscious of their gadget’s safety, protection from theft would be a smart reason to get a case for your smartphone. Most smartphone users’ commute daily by public transport having to hustle their way through bustling traffic, one may need to be extra sensitive and alert to keep bandits and pickpockets off your smartphone. In as much as one could fall out of luck sometimes, the extra needed bulk the smartphone case providesmakes you feel the company of your smartphone in your pocket or purseat all times.

A sense of style and ownership

With varying colors and designs, a smartphone case reflects your personality. Imagine dressed in grey with a touch of white, a rubber or leather smartphone pouch matching your outfit would boost your confidence and reflect a great sense of style. Investing in varying colors and designs for your smartphone wouldn’t be a bad idea if you’re a person of style. For lovers of football, skateboarding, bowling, cycling and other extreme sports, smartphone cases these days carry in them the imprint of icons in football, tennis, MotorGP, skating, Rodeo etc. The fun part of is that they are customizable. You could have your image or whatever interests you imprinted on it. There’s no limit to what you can do with smartphone cases. You can try it out today and see how good your gadget would complement who you are.

Quick functionality

Beyond protection from damage, smartphone cases are designed to enable quick access to shortcut keys and features. Most smartphone cases allow video viewing, easy charging without having to remove the case, side button navigation among other functions. Smartphone cases are also useful when used in your car when enabling the Google Map on your smartphone for GPS driving. Smartphone cases also preserve the button life of the phone from wear and tear, it also help regulate the overall running temperature of the phone like a carport shielding a vehicle from the heat of the sun. With this, it is expected that smartphones with cases has the possibility of staying longer than phones exposed on their bare back.

Possibility of resale in the future

It’s undeniably true that smartphones used with screen protectors and cases have better resale value than those used without them. A large number of phones sent for repairs these days have screen related issues. This therefore means that more often than not, most phones return to the manufacturer or phone repairer for screen replacement. The sad part is that most of these screens are usually expensive to replace, most owners eventually abandon their phones to the repairer who would eventually sell them off at giveaway prices. If you have a smartphone and are considering selling it in the future, get a case to protect the phone from a possible scratch, cracks and damage to the body.

Different types of smartphone cases

As smartphone cases come in various designs, colors and quality, there are unique features to every smartphone case while there are distinct features that set some cases apart.Let’s look at a few of them:

  • Holsters

    Just like revolver gun holsters strapped to the side of the waist and usually tucked into a leather belt. The smartphone holster works that same way and is usually made of thick leather either in black or different shades of brown. The holster were among the first generation of phone holders that were introduced, however they are still in use today but not as trendy as the rubber and plastic smartphone cases.
  • Rubber & Plastic smartphone case

    This case is made of rubber and is trending and can adopt different colors, themes and designs. The rubber case unlike the holster shields the back and sides of the smartphone exposing only the screen. Interestingly, the rubber case does not shield the beauty and uniqueness of your smartphone compared to the holster than shields the entire phone.
  • Hybrid smartphonecase

    This case combines all the features of a brilliant smartphone case which includes leather, plastic and/or rubber. When next you go to the phone shop to buy yourself a smartphone, consider picking up a complementary case to protect your investment while showing off your personality and style.

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