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McDonald's is one of the largest food chains running whole across the globe in over 100 countries, which serves over 70 million people daily. This chain was initially started by Richard and Maurice McDonald in California, the US in the year 1940. It was initially a hamburger stall that served tasty fresh hamburgers to the residents of California which kept on increasing and now has reached great heights. McDonald's has given employment to approximately 1.6 million people in the whole world, which is just the next after Walmart, which makes it one of the largest ongoing restaurant chains in the world. Participate mcdvoice feedback and there is one Mcdonalds news story mentioned below for you to follow.

What was the brawl between McDonald's and Vikram Bakshi?

Vikram Bakshi is an entrepreneur who brought and introduced McD in India. He Indianised the American version of McD by replacing the beef products to no-pork-menus with the introduction of Mc Aloo Tikki and other vegetarian or pork-free meals. He was successful in opening the first venture of McD in South Delhi in the year 1996, since then, this chain has been expanding all over India. This was going all well until the time when Mr. Bakshi and McDonald's drew swords against each other and got into legal hearings.

This is the latest McDonalds news that is in the air nowadays and has now been solved as it has been decided that Mr. and Mrs. Bakshi have broken their bonds with CPRL and McDonalds recently. Mr. Vikram Bakshi is now not the Indian who is associated with this foreign food company. It is now believed that McDonald's is about to take over 50% stake ventures of Vikram Bakshi, this was the reason that turned the relations between the two sour, and after the ugly quarrel, it has been decided that the two will break their bonds.

McDonald's loves it

Even though Vikram Bakshi being the first ever Indian to introduce McDonald's in India and who opened the venture for a pork-free menu of McDonald's in India is now out. McDonald's is still not at all affected by the result of this dispute, and one cannot see any downfall in the revenue business of McDonald's as the people of India are still visiting the outlets and buying stuff and beverages from there and are loving it. The company anyway did not go through any loss due to all of this and is still doing great, which makes Vikram Bakshi the only victim of the whole thing. McDonald's is specialized in making burgers which were initially cooking burgers using pork meat which was changed to burgers made up of potatoes and peas when the venture was launched in India by Vikram Seth in the year 1996.

The people in India loved the taste of the snacks and beverages offered by McDonald's, and this led to the growth of this food chain. At current, McDonald's has around 400 outlets in the whole of India and is serving lacs of people daily and has also given employment to thousands of people.

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